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Parenting For Responsible Social Media Conduct Becomes Focus of NFL Player Organizations
January 18, 2012 

NFL Player Engagement and All Pro Dad have teamed up to encourage fathers to instill in their kids the importance of practicing responsible and constructive social media conduct.

The “Top 8 Things Dads Should Tell Children about Twitter,” is the first initiative of this collaboration. Twitter, the most widely used social media platform on the web, followed by Facebook, allows kids to engage in conversations that should remain private, but are often broadcast to the general public. Unwanted parties that have access to this information are potential employers, college coaches, admissions staff and, unfortunately, online predators. Disclosure of private matter among friends in a less than professional and responsible fashion may, therefore, have future ramifications on a student’s ability to secure a desired internship or admission into a college of choice. This is evidenced by a study from Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Group which showed that 79% of Human Resource Recruiters in the United States review online reputational information about candidates when evaluating them for a potential job or college admission.

In light of such dangers, NFL Player Engagement and All Pro Dad encourage fathers to have the discussion with their children about using social media in ways that will enhance their reputation and not tarnish it. In the coming weeks, they, along with the support of Samepoint Interactive, a Media Consulting and Online Reputation Management firm, will promote the message of responsible and constructive social media engagement via Tweets, Facebook, and email communication to their mutual fan base.

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