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Great NFL Dads: From the Mouths of their Babies

By Rachel Terrill, Player Engagement Insider

There is a softer side to some of the biggest names in football – and they’re letting it show this Father’s Day. According to their children, NFL Dads are some of the best dads around. To celebrate their NFL Dads, children of NFL players tell us what they love most about these special men:

  1. Steve Hutchinson – Picture provided by Landyn Hutchinson

“I love my dad because he is hilarious, so generous, sweet, annoying, smart, and loving. He is always there for me if I have to talk to him, and always understanding. My dad has been a huge inspiration and role model ever since I was little. He has taught me to always keep my head up and have a positive outlook on things, even if they are bad.” Lily, age 11

“I love my dad because he is strong and nice funny and he plays in the pool with me and my sister and my mom. He makes me think about things that make me get rid of my fears and he teaches me to stand up for myself. He makes me feel comfortable too. My dad is more than a football player and a commentator -- he's an amazing dad and I'm thankful to have him. AND HE INSPIRES ME TO BE A FOOTBALL PLAYER!! MY DAD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Luke, age 9

  1. Brian Waters – Picture provided by Yolanda Miles

Pictured with Aysia-Miles-Waters, age 18

“My Dad is a great listener and gives good advice. He doesn't react and he wants to hear my thoughts and opinions. He's a great provider, role model and friend. I know he will always be there for me. I'm truly blessed because he is my Dad.” - Aysia

  1. Cory Redding – Picture provided by Priscilla Redding

Pictured with Kaylie, age 11 Cory Jr, age 7, and Christian, age 6

"My dad is the best because he teaches me about Jesus Christ and God. If I ask him about the bible, he teaches me." Kaylie, age 11

"My dad is the best because he practices basketball with me." Cory Jr, age 7

"My daddy is the best because he's really good at playing football and he gave me candy earlier today." Christian, age 6 

  1. Lawyer Milloy - Picture provided by Claudine Milloy

“I can count on my dad for anything.  He has been there to boost me up when I hit a low and keep me up when I’m at a high. Throughout this season our bond has gotten stronger and I now understand that I have to stay on the edges or else I’m gonna learn a lesson which results in my ball getting rocked. I have also learned to trust my fundamentals when I am struggling or focus on my job and not worry about what is going on around me.  But most important I have learned how to love the game, compete and overcome adversity.  All these things that I have learned would have never been possible if I didn’t have my “volunteer” coach (aka dad) right there in the dugout reminding me. I’m so glad that I got to spend my first high school season with you.  Love you dad. – Kiki, age 14

  1. Niko Koutouvides - Picture provided by Koryne Koutouvides

"My Baba is the best because he is so nice to me and plays outside with us takes us places like golfing and swimming." Deo, age 5

"When I'm hurt he gets me band aids and helps me feel better and let's me stay up late sometimes." – Niko, age 7

Baba is the best because he "lays with me at nighttime when it's bedtime." Vasili, age 3

  1. Mike Furrey – Picture provided by Koren Furrey

Pictured with children Makayla (11) Stone (9) Kanon (8)

What makes daddy a good dad is that he loves everybody"  - Stone Jett, age 9

Furrey’s wife agrees. “He does love everybody - his players, his teammates, his family, me, the people who pass him on the street, and especially God.  His heart is as big as his muscles.” –Koren

  1. Anthony Hargrove – picture submitted by Ami Kretz

“What makes my dad a great NFL dad is that he always has great stories to tell & always does something useful with his abilities. He is our champion!” – Amiah, age 10 (pictured at age 4)

  1. Willie Pile - Picture provided by Keia Pile

"My dad is a beast! He's so fun when he plays with me and my friends!" Jaylen, age 8 (Also pictured, Brycen, age 2 weeks)

  1. Bilal Powell – picture provided by Jessica Powell

Pictured with Tavis, age 4, and Nya, age 1

“I love my daddy because he is the bestest daddy in the whole wide world and I love him to the moon and back!"  - Tavis, age 4

Dubbed “Dr. Love” for her work on marriage and relationships, Rachel Terrill is passionate about making marriages work.  Rachel is the wife of Craig Terrill, who played for the Seattle Seahawks from 2004-2011. Rachel spent the last twelve years investigating the relationships and marriages of professional athletes. Rachel earned her Ph.D. in Communication from The University of South Florida. She teaches university courses on communication and public speaking and she serves as a family advisor for the NFL Players Health Study at Harvard University. Her work is featured in radio, television, online, and print publications. You can reach her through her website at

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